Pizza in the Hut (Dinner in the Sukkah)
Friday, October 18
5:30pm, followed by Kabbalat
Shabbat service at 6:30pm
Celebrate Sukkot in this communitywide event for all ages! Dine on pizza, salad and dessert (with paid
advance reservations) or bring your own dairy meal and wine. A big thankyou to Wendy Yesharim, Program Director/B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator, for organizing this annual holiday bash. Children must be accompanied by an adult.



Tile Legacy Project
4-6pm in the youth lounge
Create your very own tile to be permanently mounted between the Early Childhood Center entrance and the flagpole. Help raise funds to continue beautifying the grounds of Temple Beth El of South Orange County. The Tile Legacy Project is an outdoor wall mural installation featuring the artwork of our members, clergy and staff. The project is an exciting way to leave your legacy while supporting our temple community—and have fun doing it!
Families may purchase one or more ceramic tiles ($36 each with advance registration, while supplies last) to design and paint. The tiles will then be kiln fired and set, creating a lasting memory of your connection to TBESOC. Please reach out to Justine Moraes at justinemoraes@
hotmail.com for more information

Wine & Cheese Social
Enjoy a casual, warm, friendly, adult get-together with new and longtime friends. Nosh on cheese appetizers, sip some wine and learn a little about BE Sisters in a wonderfully relaxing setting. Please contact Mollie Lazarus at besisters@gmail.com with any questions.

BESTY Shabbat Club
7-8:30pm in the youth lounge
Saturday, October 19 at 9:15am
Conservative Shabbat morning service in the chapel, followed by Kiddush lunch in the sukkah

A Taste of Israel – Food & Film
Sunday, October 20 12–3pm
We welcome ushpizin (guests) into our sukkah! Sample Israeli wine! Please join the Israel Matters Committee and BE Sisters, along with other temple friends as we gather to feast on falafel, a variety of vegetarian side dishes, and other assorted Israeli delicacies, including traditional Middle Eastern desserts such as baklava. After socializing and lunch, we will view the film, A Bottle in the Gaza Sea. (Drama with English subtitles, recommended for ages 16 and up: Tal is the 17-year old daughter of recent French immigrants to Israel who live in Jerusalem. Following a bomb attack on a local cafe, she throws a bottle into the sea near Gaza with a message asking for an explanation.) Details to follow. The mission of the Israel Matters Committee is to deepen the bond between Medinat Yisrael (the Modern State of Israel) and Temple Beth El of South Orange County by creating and implementing educational and advocacy programs targeted to increase the congregation’s knowledge and experience of Israeli life and culture, and to facilitate support of Israel.
Contact Charlene Zuckerman at czuckerman55@gmail.com or 949 248-1234 to join or ask questions.

Simchat Torah

Monday evening, October 21
5:30pm Dinner
6pm Kindergarten Consecration in the chapel
6:30pm Family Torah Celebration with The Band of Milk &
Honey in the chapel
6:30pm Conservative Ma’ariv Service in the adult library
7pm Dancing with the Torah in the chapel
7:30pm Conservative Torah Service in the adult library
We celebrate and welcome our Kindergartners with a special
consecration ceremony marking their entrance into formal Jew- ish education. Children must be accompanied by an adult.