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Dear Dalet Families,

This week, 6th graders completed their Prophets Gallery projects during Shabbat Chai and Hebrew School. They have spent the last few weeks learning about the lives and times of the Jewish prophets, and then wrote about inspiring individuals who lived during the last 200 years and similarly impacted the world. 7th Graders learned about the tradition of saying 100 blessings each day, and wrote about some of the most significant blessings in their lives.

Both grades have continued to work on the Torah Blessings, Avot V’Imahot, and Gevurot for our upcoming All-School T’filah. 7th graders have also begun working on the Morning Blessings. Please have your child practice these prayers at home using the recordings on the Temple website.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next Shabbat Chai session on January 24th.

Take care,

Chavva Olander (949) 677-2717 chavvao@gmail.com

Community Prophets Gallery Presentation on January 24, 2020

Our Religious school curriculum includes exploring the prophetic tradition in Judaism. We study the ancient biblical prophets and learn about their courage, radicalism, commitment to justice, and spirituality.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be working with Rabbi K’vod. We will also examine some figures of the last 100 years who demonstrated the qualities that would be judged as “prophetic” by biblical standards. Our learning is not intended as a history lesson, but as wisdom teachings about how each one of us can be agents for spirituality and justice in the world. For example:

  1. The story of Yonah’s experience demonstrated the importance of t’shuvah (repentance). His experience provides us an example and a space in which it is acceptable to be frightened by certain tasks and issues we must face in our lives. From Yonah’s experience, we learn the importance of facing these fears and developing as a leader.
  2. From D’vorah we learn the importance of humility and good judgment that all people who strive to become leaders must possess. With the guidance of God, D’vorah helped lead the Israelites in victory over their enemies while remaining humble and not accepting the credit for the victory. She chose to highlight the positive attributes of those around her and of God.
  3. Ezekiel had wild visions of God and angels and was able to translate those visions into helping the Jewish people create a more just society in Babylonia. Ezekiel can teach us to pay attention to our dreams and to sometimes use them as guides to action and transformation.

Martin Luther King Jr. also exhibited many of the qualities exhibited by our biblical prophets in the fight for racial equality in the 1960’s. The Shabbat Chai session just after MLK weekend is January 24th. To honor the values that he aspired for and our learning this year, our sixth grade will direct our congregation’s attention in this direction through displaying photos and descriptions of modern day prophets in the rotunda outside the sanctuary as people are filling in for Shabbat services.

In order to make this project a reality, we need you to work with your child over the coming days to help them choose one modern figure in any field of life who exhibits the three qualities stated above. Once your child has picked their “modern prophet,” please work with your child on the homework assignment below. Submit homework to Wendy Yesharim by Tuesday, January 14 th.

Be sure to plan on staying for Shabbat Services on Friday, January 24th. Students work will be showcased and used as part of the week’s teaching!

Homework Assignment

Please submit answers and a PHOTO of your modern prophet via e-mail to Wendy Yesharim by Tuesday, January 14 th.


 Answers need to be no more than 1-2 paragraphs in length.

My Modern Prophet is ______. (if the person is not well known, please attach a picture)

What is the important contribution that my person made to the world?

Besides the “what” that he/she contributed, how did he/she achieve their goals in a way that you find admirable? (intentions, rhetoric, and behaviors of the individual)

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to either Rabbi K’vod at kvod@tbesoc.org or Chavva at chavvao@gmail.com 

5th and 6th Grade Retreat

Friday, February 21, 4-8pm & Sunday, February 23, 10am – 4pm.  

This weekend is a great opportunity for you and your student to build community, to add deep meaning to the B’ani Mitzvah process, and to enjoy Shabbat together. Shabbat is a time for community, celebration, learning, relaxation connecting to God and connecting to what is most important in our lives.  Friday afternoon is the grade level family Shabbat Experience. Cantor Young and Rabbi K’vod will be leading you through a fun and relevant Shabbat experience, Shabbat dinner, grade level service participation and a B’nai Mitzvah celebration informational session over dessert.  

On Sunday, we will start our day with a family hike that includes activities and discussion. Together we will make our way back to the Temple for lunch.  While students are doing some team building through an Escape Room bus where they have to solve puzzles, figure out clues and work together to get out of the bus. The adults will have a conversation with Rabbi K’vod and Cantor Young about living Jewish values as a family. Wendy Yesharim will go over all of the details and expectations related to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah with all of you.

Please register HERE and RSVP by February 1, 2020.