In the Psalms it says “For You, silence is Praise.” Many of us find that some of our deepest connections with God or a Presence larger than ourselves can happen in silence. Our Jewish tradition is rich with meditative and contemplative practices and teachings. This webpage is an opportunity to access resources to make meditation a part of your life here at Temple Beth El.

Upcoming Events


Meditation and Spiritual Practice
With Rabbi K’vod Wieder
Tuesdays at 9 am (beginning March 31st)

This 45 minute to an hour session will be an opportunity to meditate together with gentle guidance and explore different dimensions of meditative practice.

Kvod Wieder is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Spiritual Preparation for Shabbat
With Rabbi K’vod Wieder
Thursdays at 1 pm (April 2, 30, May 7)
Fridays at 1 pm (March 27, April 17, 24)

We will prepare for Shabbat together through niggunim – wordless melodies, insights into the weekly Torah portion, and opportunities to have a virtual oneg – (share about our week together and make l’chaim’s)


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Soul Spark Shabbat Services        
Fridays,  April 3, May 22 at 6pm
Join Rabbi K’vod, Cantor Young and guest musicians for a unique Shabbat service that weaves meditation, contemplative and evocative melodies, and mystical teachings to allow us a deeper awareness of sacred presence in ourselves and each other.

Please contact Rabbi Kvod or Cantor Young at 949-362-3999 if you are interested in sponsoring a Soul Spark Shabbat, which allows us to bring in a guest musician.

Shabbat Morning Meditation
with Rabbi K’vod in the adult library     
Select Saturdays, April 4, May 2, September 5, October 3 at 8:45am
Join us for 25 minutes of soulful stillness with instruction prior to Shabbat worship services.

Jerusalem Shabbat: A Taste of Milk and Honey (and a little schnapps)
with Rabbi K’vod, Cantor Young and percussion accompaniment
Select Saturdays, April 18, May 9 at 9:30am in the chapel
On the streets of Jerusalem on Shabbat morning, the dew on the trees reflects sunlight sparkling diamonds, the air is crisp and still, and the peace is palatable. Joyous prayer pours out of houses and little shteibls—the human song and the song of creation intertwined. Friends and family come together to eat, to share, and to immerse in words of life-giving Torah. One can’t imagine a Torah more relevant and real.
• Be absorbed in a meditative and meaningful musical journey through the morning service
• Enjoy transliterated and fully accessible Hebrew prayer
• Rejoice around the Torah with schnapps and sparkling cider
• Participate in lively conversation over lunch and a spirited Birkat Hamazon (Blessing after the Meal)

Ongoing Jewish Meditation Group
This meditation session is for beginning and experienced meditators and will be an afternoon of silence, learning and presence, led by one of our Committee members. Dates and times will be announced and posted on the temple website.

Meditation at the Beach
Sunday, August 23 at 8:30am
This morning, outdoor meditation session is for meditators of all levels. Look to our website for the specific location and directions just prior to the event. All attendees are invited to meet up afterwards at the Urth Caffé (Laguna Beach) to socialize over brunch.

Special High Holiday Meditation Session: Yom Kippur Avodah Meditation
Monday, September 28 at 4pm
A guided, shamanic meditative journey with Rabbi K’vod using the imagery of the High Priest in Jerusalem to affect inner transformation and healing, accompanied by Evan Wohl on the drum.


Four Worlds Meditation- Rabbi Kvod Wieder – Click Here for audio file

Neshamah Breath Meditation – Click Here for audio file

Other Resources
Click Here for “Resources for Jewish Meditation”