Legacy Giving

Leaving a Legacy

Continue the legacy of a Jewish community here in South Orange County by remembering Temple Beth El of South Orange County in your Will or other Estate Plans.

Join these fellow Temple Beth El members in supporting a cause that 
has been important in each of our lives.

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Our Legacy Committee is chaired by Mollie Lazarus (mlazarus4@gmail.com) and includes Cincy O’Neill Ross, Joel Packer, Bonni Pomush, Patty Rosenbaum, and William Spector. We welcome you to contact Mollie with any questions about the program (949-338-5075 or mlazarus24@gmail.com)

Our Legacy Society

Bart & Elizabeth Asner**
Nadine Asner**
Phyllis & Steve Blanc*
Dennis and Susan Brown*
Marc and Barbara Chasman*
Firuzeh & Jeff Claar
Shiffy & Avi Crane*
Shirley & Lew Einbund*
The Farber Family**
Pamela & Rob Fecher*
Julie & Adam Fingersh*
Karen Forrest*
Robin Brandes-Gibbs & Tim Gibbs**
Anita Gold*
Susan & Michael Goldfader*
Myra & Marv Gordon*Jeff Greer & Keary Gregg*

Jodi Halbreich
Mimi Harris*
Steve Heit

Mara & Kenneth James*
Shula Kalir-Merton*
Marla and Joe Kaufman*
Scott & Bonnie Kehe
Joan Kirschenbaum*
Harvey Kramer*
Sherri Hofmann Krause*
Mollie & Stephen (z”l) Lazarus*
Mary & Al Leavitt*
Dr. & Mrs. Stanton Leemon*
Honey Rhonda Locke*
Cindy & David Mirsky*
Jane & Pete Moss
Amy & Joel Packer*
June & George Pollak
Bonni Pomush & Patti Holliday*
Donna Raskin*

Patricia Holzman Rosenbaum
Cindy & Gil Ross*
Sheri & Jack Saladow
Alice Schultz*
Polly Sloan*
Kymberly & William Spector*
Claire (z”l) & Arnie Stein
Rosemary & Howard Stevens*
Leslie & Jake Tatel*
Hannah & Ari Vinocor
Lois Weiss*
Ina (z”l) & George Welland
Rabbi K’vod Wieder &
Ilana Rogel-Wieder
Lois & Doug Wilson*
Charlene & Kenneth Zuckerman*