HHD Services

If you experience difficulties on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur with technology – please call 949-362-3999 x 316 for help during services. 

Yom Kippur Service Links

Monday, September 28, Yom Kippur Day

9:00am      Yom Kippur Service for Families with Young Children – Passcode: 772992
9:30am     Conservative LIVE Shacharit and Musaf – Passcode: 352753
10am        Reform Service opens LIVE (parts pre-recorded)   – Passcode: 349380
11:15        Reform & Conservative Options
– LIVE Torah study
– Avodah Meditation with Rabbi K’vod (pre-recorded)
– Music and Meditation with Cantor Young (pre-recorded)
12:15pm    Reform & Conservative LIVE Sermon with small group discussions*** & LIVE Concluding prayers with all clergy – Passcode: 349380
1pm           Reform & Conservative LIVE Yizkor (includes Digital Book of Remembrance) – Passcode: 349380

Afternoon Study Options
2pm           LIVE Learning with Rabbi Peter Levi
3pm           LIVE Reading of Jonah with Rabbi David Young  -OR-
Pre-recorded Hebrew Chanting of the Book of Jonah with Rabbi Sammy Seid
3:30pm      LIVE Three 30 minute learning sessions on the Book of Jonah with
(3:30pm) Mike Kibel, (4:00pm) Steve Birch, (4:30pm) Rabbi David Young -OR-
Mincha Amidah with Cantor Sue Deutsch (pre-recorded)

Neilah / Havdalah
6pm          Reform  LIVE Neilah (ends at 6:30 pm)
Conservative  LIVE Neilah (ends at 7pm) – Passcode: 352753