ECC Closure Resources

TBESOC ECC teachers are dedicated and committed our families ensuring that our youngest community members are being provided with the same love and education that they receive when they are in the classroom! This health crisis has been a financial hardship for many of our teachers and families. TBESOC is committed to continuing to pay our teachers for as long as possible. We would be grateful if you would consider a donation to help support Early Childhood Center.





This is a meeting room for the entire ECC each day will be something different to experience at 2pm

Zoom meeting Link for Extended Learning everyday at 2pm HERE










  Shabbat Resources




  Spring Break Resources



Ms Gabi and Ms Sue’s Class

Speckled Frogs Coloring Page HERE

Seder Plate Coloring Page  HERE

Matzah Coloring Page HERE

Passover Passover What Do You See, reading by Ms Sue HERE

Where is Baby Moses video/song HERE

Moses Maze HERE

Dayenu video/song HERE

My First Passover book reading HERE

Passover Songs HERE

Sammy Spider’s Passover Shapes story HERE

Passover Frog Handprint craft HERE



Ms Pamm and Ms Lesley’s Class

Afikomen Craft HERE

Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah HERE


Ms Beth and Ms Sabrina’s Class

Matzah Coloring Page HERE

Seder Plate Coloring Page HERE

Ten Ways to Make Passover Fun HERE

What is Different About Tonight Video HERE

Passover Foods Coloring Page HERE

Bang Bang Bang song HERE

Oh Listen Pharoah song HERE

10 Plagues song HERE

Frog song HERE

Matzah song HERE


Ms Lana and Ms Samantha’s Class

P is for Passover book reading HERE

The Mouse in the Matzah Factory HERE

Passover Seder Plate Coloring Page HERE

Oh I Wish I Was a Frog song HERE

Passover Story Powerpoint HERE

*Words to go with the story Powerpoint above HERE


Ms Kelly and Ms Patti’s Class

How to Make 18 Minute Matzah video HERE

Bang Bang Bang Song HERE

Where is Baby Moses video HERE