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Board of Trustees
Temple Beth El’s Board of Trustees is composed of volunteers from the congregation, who use their expertise and resources to create an inviting and lively community. The following show their commitment to Temple Beth El of South Orange County by serving on the Board:

President, William Spector

Vice President Governance, Amy Packer

Vice President Finance, Jodi Halbreich

Vice President Judaism in Action, Evan Wohl

Vice President Membership, Lainey Mitzman

Vice President Education, Dayna Herz

Vice President Marketing & Communications, Merritt Weiss

Treasurer, Izzi Neufeld

Secretary, Tamara Griffin

Trustees at Large
Dennis Brown
Samatha Cohen
Kim Gubner
Mollie Lazarus
Debra McKee
Cat Mirsky
Helen Rasner
Brad Shapero

Rabbi, K’vod Wieder
ext 106

Cantor, Natalie Young
ext 105

Executive Director, Bonni Pomush
ext 213

Assistant Director, Myka Thompson
ext 100

Program Director, Wendy Yesharim
ext 214

Communications Coordinator, Karol Tran
ext 103

Accounting Manager, Pam Uber
ext 112

Program Coordinator, Kellie Herrick
ext 316

Event Coordinator:
Linda Lander
ext 401

Rochelle Pazornik
ext 401