Cantor Natalie Young’s Soul Spark CD Release Concert and Party


Instead of an annual gala, we’re partying all year!

A new and exciting concept, The Party Book is a fun way of bringing together our TBESOC community to create lasting relationships and memories all while supporting our temple.  

So, how does it work? TBESOC members host a variety of events targeted to different age groups (from kids only activities to events that are right for the whole family, as well as adult only functions.) The TBESOC host pays for all costs associated with the event and all proceeds from ticket sales are then donated directly to TBESOC.

This is one of the best ways to spend time with and get to know lots of different community members, children, our beloved administration, faculty and clergy. Click here to sponsor or select a party

Cantor Natalie Young’s Soul Spark CD Release Concert & Party

February 29

We’re going to make next Leap Day extra special by throwing a party for our very own Cantor Natalie Young in honor of her latest CD release! Cantor Young travels the country spreading joy with her beautiful musical compositions; educating and empowering youth groups to raise their voices in song; and leading camps, workshops, Reform movement clergy and lay leaders, and avid listeners around the world, to connect to each other and a deeper spiritual meaning through the melodies born of her Jewish soul. Watch videos, listen to tracks and read more about Cantor Young at and on her Facebook page.