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Just right click on the prayer name (or two-finger click on Mac), and select "save target as."
For iTunes, save on your desktop, open iTunes, under the “file” menu select “Add File to Library” [or if you saved the prayer MP3 files in a folder, select “Add Folder to Library”], make “prayer” playlist and sync with your ipod.

  Amidah (306-307)   Ashrei (294-296)  
  Chatzi Kaddish (300)   Closing blessing for Torah reading (419)  
  Closing blessig for Haftarah (420)   Eilu D'varim (285)  
  Kiddush for erev Shabbat (719)   Motzi (719)  
  Nissim B'chol Yom (286-287)   Opening Blessing for Haftarah (420)  
  Opening Blessing for Torah Reading (419)   Sh'ma, Echad, Gad'lu (418)  
  Tallit Blesing   Tzur Yisrael (305)  
  V'ahavta (303)   V'sham'ru (720)  
  Yotzer (301)      

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