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Passover 2018 Events


Pesach (Passover) begins March 30 and ends April 7

Preparing for Passover? As you prepare your home for the holiday, keep in mind that food banks are in need of donations. You can always bring your food donations to the temple collection area (in the corridor near the Adult Library.) South County Outreach Food Bank will pick up these donations.

Passover Hospitality: Need a Host? Want to Host?
If you would like to host one or more members of our Temple Beth El extended family who do not have anyone locally with whom to share Passover seder on the first night, please call the Temple (949-362-3999 ext 316). Likewise, if you don’t have a place to attend seder and would like to join others from your Temple Beth El family, please also let us know. We will work to match everyone up and ensure that “all who are hungry” have a place to come, eat, schmooze, and enjoy the mitzvah of the Seder meal as it was intended to be enjoyed: together.

Passover Morning Services

Passover Day 1 Services: 9:15am on Saturday, March 31
Passover Day 2 Services: 9:30am on Sunday, April 1 at Hertiage Pointe
Passover Day 7 Services: 9:30am on Friday, April 6
Passover Day 8 Services: 9:15am on SAturday, April 7(Yizkor)

2nd Night Seder

A Night Of Insight, Freedom, and Joy:
2nd Night Seder at the Temple on Saturday,

led by Rabbi K’vod Wieder & Cantor Natalie Young

More than a folk custom of our people, more than a historical account of the Israelites in Egypt, Passover is an opportunity to touch what is most important in our lives and find ways to move beyond stuck places to greater freedom and joy. With delicious food, challenging and inspiring conversation, meditation, and song, we will take the journey from slavery to freedom as a holy community.

There will be separate and integrated adult and children programming to help both age groups have a meaningful experience. Reservations must be made by March 24.


5:30pm - Gathering and Introductions

6pm - The Journey Begins - “Secrets of Slavery and Freedom” (There will be appetizers and salad served throughout)

7:30pm - Dinner

8:45pm - “Celebrating Freedom” - Final singing and sharing

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